About Us

VibraWipe® is a brand that we established that aim to deliver high quality cleaning products. We are committed 100% to make sure that all our products meet the expected quality at the reasonable prices.  In year 2013, we launch our first product, the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 8-Piece, 4-Color Pack.

Our First Product Launch in Year 2013

Our products  are carefully designed and various raw materials are selected to produce samples for testings, before we finalized for mass production.  With our stringent quality controls, we will continue to meet our customers' expectations.  You can be assured that our products will deliver the expected functionalities as described and highest satisfaction to our customers.  We continuously strive for improvements and treat all customers' feedback seriously.  

Besides this website, we are selling these products on our Amazon storefront, VibraLiving.  Please feel free to visit us over at Amazon.

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The VibraWipe Team