Q. Can microfiber cloths be washed with fabric softener?
A. It is not advisable to wash microfiber cloths with fabric softener. The fabric softener will eventually plug the microfiber and make them less effective and absorbent.

Q. How big is the VibraWipe microfiber cloth?
A. For the 8-piece pack, each cloth is 14.2 x 14.2 inches. There are measurements stated in the product details which you can refer to.

Q. How thick are the VibraWipe microfiber cleaning cloths?
A. They are thicker than cloth but not too fluffy. They are specially designed in terms of the size and thickness to give the customer the best hand feel. That will make cleaning a lot of more effective.

Q. Are the microfiber cloths machine-washable?
A. VibraWipe cloth products are machine-washable. Wash instructions are indicated on the product details and packaging.

Q. How should the microfiber cloths be dried?
A. They are best hang dried. If you have to dry them in a dryer, do use the lowest temperature possible as this damage the fiber and it will lose it microfiber cleaning capabilities in the long run.

Q. Are these good for cleaning eye glasses without smudging the lens?
A. VibraWipe microfiber cleaning cloths are all-purpose cloths and would be able to use for general cleaning with great result. If you prefer, we would recommend the microfiber lens cleaning cloth for cleaning the eye glasses or any more delicate surface like the camera lenses, ipads, tablets and LCDs. We have them in the Starter 4+2 pack.

Q. Do these contain silver filaments making them antibacterial like other branded mircofiber cloths?
A. No, VibraWipe microfiber cloths do not contain any silver filaments.

Q. Do these need to be washed before using them the first time?
A: It is recommended that you do wash them before using them the first time.

Q. Do the side stitches fray or unravel after washing?
A. The side stitches are strongly sewed and do not unravel easily.

Q. Where do these cloths made in?
A. They are are made in China, with very stringent quality control process.

Q. Are the VibraWipe products being shipped internationally?
A. Currently, we only accept orders and deliver only to US addresses.  If we have changed that, we will update the shipping policy on this website.